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"See and experience the best" that America has to offer in a "fully guided" Route 66 road trip organised by Route 66 Tours. We guide you every mile, and every minute, of your drive or ride from hotel to hotel, along Historic Route 66. We don't just lead, we guide. We don't just give you a bunch of maps, and a GPS, point you West and say have a good day, like some companies do. We "Guide" you along the original Mother Road, taking care of your road trip like your deserve. We provide more guides per vehicle than any other company offering these tours. We give you the time required to slow down, and enjoy The Mother Road. Our tour averages only 177 miles per day, yet they are full, and action packed days. Trust our years of experience, and our Australian Guide Team, both proven over the decades and “2015 Inductees to the Route 66 Walk of Fame”. (Note - 177 miles per day is based on the drive days only, we don't fudge our numbers like some companies)

Don’t risk your dream holiday, your bucket list road trip, book with the best, book now with Route 66 Tours. From start to finish, Route 66 Tours has designed a Route 66 itinerary for what will surely be the tour of a lifetime.


Still the best value for money Guided Route 66 Tour on the market today.
With decades of experience travelling and organising tours throughout North America, and specifically across Route 66, the Route 66 Tours team is well-prepared to lead you on a road trip itinerary that will allow you to take your dream vacation without the stress or hard work. Planning a trip, and determining the itinerary that will get you from point A to point B with limited time, while seeing and experiencing the best that an area has to offer, can be frustrating and even a little scary when you don’t know the area. That’s why, when people book their trips through Route 66 Tours, they’re guaranteed to see the things that have made Route 66 famous, without having to do all of the planning or preparation. The all Australian team of guides will lead you along the original Route 66 and inform you of what it is that you seeing along the way. There will be little for you to do but drive or ride the historic road and take it all in.

We are proudly an owned and operated Australian company and our tour is fully escorted by the best Route 66 Specialist in Australia. Dale Butel (owner of Route 66 Tours) is on every tour to ensure personally a seamless and successful trip. Our competitors don’t travel 80% along the true and original Mother Road but we do! Our tours aren't just about the road; we also introduce you to the people, culture, nostalgia, and of course food and a good time. 

We are not owned by a large franchise pumping out tours that are treating you like sheep, and counting you as a number. We are small and personable with every tour, maximising your touring experience. We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best, and if you are comparing prices, just remember you only get what you pay for and our testimonies from past clients on our website support that we are exceptional value for money and a fabulous holiday experience that you will be raving about to family and friends for years to come.

The great thing about our guided tours is that you won’t be using the same itinerary or route that the big tour companies take, and you won’t be travelling with dozens of other people aboard a bus! By keeping the tours self-drive and personalised, the Route 66 Tours clients have the flexibility to travel their way. Rather be a passenger so that you don’t have to drive? We can optimise the relaxation aspect of your journey by chauffeuring you in a guide driven vehicle. We are recognized by Route 66 locals as being the best tour operator for Route 66, and have been on television and magazines around the world such as Channel 7 when we took Grant Denyer for 2 weeks reporting the weather daily on Australian National television, and Fletch from Classic Resto’s.

Book an unforgettable road trip through one of the most beautiful, exciting and fascinating parts of America. The Route 66 Tours Mission is to offer personalized guided road trip tours along Route 66 and across North America, offering flexibility and independence to the traveller, providing personal service and memorable vacations. As we approach 2026, and the centenary of this icon, the party has already begun. Route 66 is alive and well as it approaches 100 years of delivering adventure, and taking those that drive it, across the amazing country that is the USA.

Route 66 Tours are “2015 Inductees to the Route 66 Walk of Fame”.

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Dale Butel has been travelling for well over 35 years and has been in the Travel Industry for over two decades. Dale specializes in Travel to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. He has a passion for North America, and Classic Route 66 in particular. He has driven route 66 many times and has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Canada & Mexico. His passions include Travel anywhere, Harley Davidson, Classic Cars and North American Dream Road trips.

His favorite city in the world to visit is Las Vegas and he has been there well over 100 times and counting. Route 66 Tours is the dream born out of his passion for “The Mother Road”. Route 66 Tours are “2015 Inductees to the Route 66 Walk of Fame”. Contact Us - Click Here


**Expert Guidance:**

Dale Butel, the founder and experienced tour operator behind Route 66 Tours, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to ensure participants receive expert guidance throughout their journey. Here's an expansion on the aspect of expert guidance:

1. **Historical Insights:** Dale Butel's deep understanding of Route 66 extends beyond its physical landmarks. Participants benefit from historical insights, discovering the stories behind each stretch of road, iconic signs, and quirky roadside attractions. His expertise adds a rich historical context to the adventure.
2. **Off-the-Beaten-Path Discoveries:** While Route 66 has its famous stops, Dale's guidance goes beyond the obvious. His familiarity with the route allows for exploration of hidden gems and lesser-known treasures, providing a more authentic experience for travellers seeking unique and off-the-beaten-path discoveries.
3. **Cultural Connections:** Route 66 is a cultural mosaic, and Dale helps participants connect with the diverse communities along the way. From local traditions to regional cuisine, his guidance ensures that travellers not only witness but fully immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of the American road.
4. **Logistical Expertise:** Navigating a historic route like Route 66 requires logistical finesse. Dale's expertise ensures a seamless journey, addressing potential challenges and maximizing the enjoyment of the adventure. Participants can trust in a well-planned itinerary that balances exploration and relaxation.
5. **Interactive Learning:** Dale's approach goes beyond just telling stories – it involves interactive learning. Participants have the opportunity to engage with the history, geography, and unique characteristics of each segment of Route 66, making the journey both educational and entertaining.
In essence, the expert guidance provided by Dale Butel transforms the Route 66 experience into a comprehensive and immersive exploration, where every mile becomes a chapter in the fascinating story of America's Mother Road.




"The tour of Route 66 with R66 Tours was undoubtedly the best holiday we have ever had! The sights, scenery, places we saw were incredible – many of which the standard tourist would never get to see". "The people we met, and the total service from Dale and Daniel was outstanding – a holiday on a Harley with nothing to think about but having a great time"

Stuart McLaughlin – Melbourne, VIC