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What do you mean by “Guided Self Drive/Ride Independent Roadtrip Tour”

We provide you with a Route 66 guide to assist your self drive/ride road trip but it is not a coach tour and therefore you have control of your holiday. This brings you independence that is not possible with other tours. Sleep in and depart late, shop till you drop or take a side trip for the day. Do as much or as little of Route 66 as you desire or follow the guide and see as much as possible. It is your holiday and you have choices. For more information please call.

What costs will I incur that can’t be avoided but are not included in the tour price?

For those on the bikes or in the cars your fuel is not included and nor is Lunch or Dinner daily. For those driving the cars, any one way fee charged directly by the rental company, is not included. Travel Insurance is the only other thing that is a must but is not included. For those that choose to see Route 66 as a passenger in our SUV’s, Lunch and Dinner daily along with Travel Insurance is not included. Those that are on the bikes, your riding gear is not provided, and you also need Travel Insurance.

Why does this tour cost so much more than some others down Route 66?

We include as much as possible in the tour price and have no hidden extras but for those things openly mentioned. We try to include as much as possible. Also this is not a bus tour; you get to see so much more than others have on offer.

Why does this tour cost so much less than some others of a similar nature?

We wish to offer value for money and love to hear the common feedback that says our tours are worth a lot more than they cost. It is hard for us to understand why a similar tour, if such a thing even exists, costs more than what we are offering. Yes we offer great value for money.

Why are you offering a seat as a passenger in a SUV alongside the Self Drive Cars & the Bikes?

Some people simply don’t want to drive on the right side of the road in a left hand drive car. It might be that the traffic in places concerns them or they find navigating a vehicle in another country difficult. Some also like the idea of the hassle free option of being chauffeured along Route 66 with a driver/guide. What ever the reason we want to offer a way for these people to see the real Route 66.

Why are you offering places in a Luxury SUV and not a larger vehicle like a coach?

Our SUV’s, while large enough to handle 4 clients and their luggage in comfort, they are small enough to get out to all the best that Route 66 has to offer. They allow easy access to places a larger vehicle would never be able to go. It is all about seeing the real Route 66 and not just the towns linked by the interstate system.

What version of cars do you offer for my tour?

We only use the very best available. Our Cars are the new models and are sourced from reputable rental companies. They have 24/7 roadside service and are extremely reliable and comfortable. The SUV’s are normally all automatic six cylinder cars with luxury interiors just to mention the basics. They are quite efficient on fuel yet handle the drive easily in air conditioned comfort. We also offer a limited number of upgrades to V8 Muscle Cars such as the GT Mustang, SS Camaro and the fantastic Corvette.

Can we request a V8 option for our car?

Yes there is always a limited number of very popular Muscle Cars available on each tour. This upgrade option is on a first in best dressed system. They are not a cheap option but they are a lot of fun, and you will look the part for sure. They are always subject to availability.

What if I can’t make it on the dates your tours are set down for?

We are happy to assist you in a tour down Route 66 and customize it to fit in with your time frame. We have a lot of experience in doing just this for those that simply can’t make it on a group tour. It is not as much fun as being a part of the larger group but it can be done.

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