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  1. Route 66 Tours are “2015 Inductees to the Route 66 Walk of Fame”

  2. We have had past clients return and tour with us again, some just for a 2nd tour but lots for a 3rd, 4th & 5th tour, and even several couples for a 8th & 9th tour.

  3. We offer “Reunion Tours” that are not advertised, they are only offered to past clients. To date we have completed 11 Reunion Tours with the 12th one happening in May 2025.

  4. We do “Special Tours” for special events such as the Harley Davidson 110th Tour in 2013, the V8 Supercar Tour to Texas in 2013 for the inaugural running of the series in the USA, and the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang Tour in 2014. We did the Harley Davidson 115th  Anniversary Tour in 2018, and the Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary in Milwaukee, WI in July 2023.

  5. We also construct itineraries, and book hotels, cars, and bikes for unguided group tours to Sturgis or other destinations in the USA and Canada.

The following testimonials are a few thoughts and feelings from some of Route 66 Tours past clients. There are a numerous reasons why you should book with Route 66 Tours, but happy clients from past tours should be your first consideration. Tour 66 or Sturgis with the best, see the USA with a specialist, discover Route 66 with Route 66 Tours. Contact Us - Click Here


We did the Route 66 Fall tour in 2023.  What a fantastic experience for us both on a Harley. Dale was extremely knowledgeable about Route 66 and America in general. He had many friends along the way who shared their stories and love of Route 66 with us. We found that Dale made the experience very easy for us, all we had to do was follow his vehicle each day. The other people on our tour were fantastic to be with and we had many laughs and great times. It was good at the end of each day to reflect on our day's travel.  There were many WOW moments. All the accommodation was already sorted so there was no pressure at the end of the day.

Annie C., Barossa Valley - Fall Route 66 PLUS Tour 2023

We did the Fall tour Route 66 in 2023. Having a small group was wonderful. The sights we saw was amazing very interesting the history and people we met on the way. Dale was extremely informative with his knowledge of every place we visited. Highly recommend travelling Route 66 especially in a Mustang convertible. Thanks Dale for a great fun time.

Kaye K., Rockhampton - Fall Route 66 PLUS Tour 2023


Three members from the Fleurieu Branch of the Ulysses Club embarked on the Summer 2023 Route 66 motor cycling adventure. For Garry and me it was our 2nd trip the last being Spring 2017. For Peter it was a first and we met fellow Ulyssian Peter Mcintyre from the Yarra Ranges Branch on the tour. Three words describe the management and leadership of the tour. Professional, Passion and Pride. Dale Butel, the business owner and the Tour Boss continues to involve himself in each person and has a genuine interest on how you are traveling. His management of small and medium issues are without hesitation or frustration. That alone indicates someone who deserves to be a leader. The ride team of Lt Dan, who is an immaculate rider and knows when the machines can be pushed and when they cannot. He controls the course and direction of the pack with apparent ease. At times seated almost side saddle to ensure everyone is well positioned in the group. Then there is the Route 66 Tattoo legend Jim Bush who takes the unenviable position of Tail End Charlie. He knows the roads, having traversed them over 40 times. He watches his Harley Jockey’s who have a varying degree of motor cycling experience trying to ensure no unnecessary stops or incorrect changes for direction. Jim advises any slower riders on where to go and how far away they are from the main pack. Jim does not pressure them into going faster, instead providing a degree of sincere encouragement. Unfortunately, Jim also must deal with those who may have forgotten something at a previous stop and require “guidance” of how to return and then catch up.

From the outset everything was organised to within 15 minutes. The accommodation was faultless, the bikes amazing, the views exceptional, the meals “big” and with fries” and the recommended places to visit during the day or evening of a very high standard. If Dale and the team won’t go-there they do not recommend it to you. There is never a “whatever” attitude, in fact the complete opposite. If you have a question irrespective of how inane it may sound Dale, Dan or Jim will answer it.

If you are ever thinking of riding the Mother Road, then do it with the best in the business, Route 66 Tours. Dale, Dan and Jim are the ones to lead you on this adventure of a lifetime. They have ridden Route 66 on numerous occasions, and they ensure you ride the original road where possible, they don’t just travel next to it on the interstate. The tour is amazing and the total experience indescribable.

Thank you.

Phil “Stik It” Wilson #53322

President/Ride Coordinator Ulysses Club Fleurieu Branch South Australia

Peter “Poida” Swallow #69011

Treasurers/Quartermaster Ulysses Club Fleurieu Branch South Australia

Garry Manning #48540 Ulysses Club Fleurieu Branch South Australia

Peter McIntyre Ulysses Club #66534 Yarra Ranges Branch Victoria


Firstly, Thank you to Dale, Dan, Blaze and Gra. What a fantastic trip! We travelled to Sturgis in 2015 with another Australian based tour company and enjoyed it so much we wanted to do it again. We had heard good reviews of Route 66 so decided to go with them. Well, they did not disappoint! After day two our previous trip was blown out of the water. We had missed out on riding the Black Hills last time and this was something we did not want to miss again. Route 66 arranged optional rides around the Black Hills on all those magic roads…. Perfect! As Harley riders at home the boys decided they wanted to experience a different bike on this trip. Dale did not hesitate to arrange the BMW GTL1600’s as requested. These lighter and great handling bikes definitely enhanced the experience on all those twisting backroads that Route 66 take on this amazing journey. The scenery is just fantastic, the roads are perfect and each stop is well thought out by the crew. We cannot recommend Route 66 tours highly enough and would love to join them on another tour in the future. Once again thank you to the well organised Dale, thank you to the skilled lead rider Dan and a massive thank you to Blaze and Gra for bringing the luggage/water/cool dip esky which meant we all had a comfortable holiday.

Donna & Andy P., New South Wales - Sturgis Tour 2022

Route 66 Tours were recommended to us when we spoke about travelling to America for the 2020 Sturgis Rally…well for obvious reasons, we didn’t make it in 2020 but we certainly made it in 2022. Throughout the whole process from when we were originally supposed to travel in 2020  to finally travelling in 2022, we found Dale to be professional & informative in keeping the group up to date. He was always prompt with any personal queries we had & nothing seemed to be a hassle. We travelled with 2 of our best friends and the four of us decided we wanted to arrive in Las Vegas 4 days early & stay in Hawaii for a week after the tour. We asked Dale if he could arrange the flights and it was no trouble at all, he also arranged the extra nights at the same hotel & rooms in which we stayed before the official tour began. Before the official tour, we were given welcome packs which among other things, contained our very informative itineraries which didn’t just inform us of our timeline and destinations, it had a bit of history of the towns we were visiting and recommendations for lunch breaks and dinner for the next 24 days. We were in a different town every night until we arrived in Deadwood for the Sturgis Rally where we stayed for 5 nights & then almost a different town every night on our way back to Las Vegas. All the hotel arrangements were already taken care of by Route 66 Tours, we had a fantastic lead rider (Lt Dan) and a support van (driven by Blaze & Gra) which carried all our luggage, cold water, a cool dip esky & other essentials. As for the riding, we were rarely on the Interstates and could not have imagined how much we saw…some of our highlights were the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Forest Gump view, Four Corners Monument, Million Dollar Highway, Pikes Peak, Mount Evans, Idaho Springs, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, The Needles Highway, Crazy Horse, Devils Tower, Shell Falls, Beartooth Hwy, Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Flaming Gorge, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park & Freemont Street…there was just so much. We could not thank Dale, Lt Dan, Blaze & Gra enough for helping make our trip such a fantastic one. We would recommend Route 66 Tours in a heart beat and definitely plan to travel with them again.

Phil & Tracy D., Lake Macquarie, NSW - Sturgis Tour 2022

I’ve been a herb farmer for 35 years and being so busy hasn’t given me many opportunities to travel. I bit the bullet and took some time off to join in on the Harley Ride Sturgis Tour 2022. The entire  booking process for this tour was organized by Dale and his crew. They made everything so stress free and were a pleasure to book with. When the tour started I wasn’t sure what to expect but every day was a new adventure. The sights along the way were both eye opening and breathtaking and I cannot choose just one day as a highlight as the entire tour was such an unforgettable experience. I’ll never forget my friend & roommate Lieutenant Dan he was a great bloke even though he led me out on the balcony and the doors locked behind us in our room leaving us stranded on the balcony it was such a good laugh. I made lots of new friends on this trip & have memories that will stay with me for a life time! I’ll definitely be back! 

Jimmy C., Queensland - Sturgis Tour 2022

This was our 2nd trip with Route 66 Tours, our first being Route 66 (The Mother Road) Fall tour 2018. It should have been Sturgis 2020 but like for many others on this trip, Covid meant otherwise. Needless to say, our research for our first trip with many ambassadors who live on or promote Route 66 resulted in our choice to go with Dale and Dan and Route 66 tours who were highly recommended. And boy, they didn’t disappoint. Such was the experience that we booked for Sturgis before we even got home. And we were right to have done so. Sturgis 22 started in Vegas where we collected our Harleys with our travel buddies who are now great and valued friends. As with our experience in Route 66, the preparation and arrangements for Sturgis were 100% from the start. You worry about nothing. Everything is taken care of so you just turn up and have fun with your new mates. Each of our 24 days and nights meticulously planned ensuring the best road trip experience that arguably very few folk will ever get to experience. Each day was different to the last. Scenery, roads, monuments, in fact now it’s over I don’t know how we fit everything in that we did. It certainly was a “Bucket List Trip” for us and we saw things we never imagined we would in our time. From the North Rim of Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Arches, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks to riding The “Million Dollar Highway”, Pikes Peak, Mount Evan and the Black Hills including Spearfish Canyon, Needles, the Bighorn Mountain way and Beartooth Pass, it’s not hard to see how we clocked up some 4.5K miles on this trip. Accommodation was always great with even recommendations on places to eat or visit during any downtime. I could go on about so much but we did so much it’s hard to keep this from becoming a blog. Attending a Rodeo in Cody, some of the guys driving mountain buggies in Moab, visiting Calamity Jane’s grave in Deadwood,  you get my drift! Sturgis itself was amazing. To ride into Sturgis and park is an experience in itself. Never have we seen or experienced such sounds and so many bikes in one place. This certainly was a trip of a lifetime for us and the memories we made with our new Australian mates will stay with us forever. A huge thanks to Dale and Dan who rode each day with us but also to Gra and Col who were the back up and looked after our personal effects each and every day and broke out the cold water for our cool vests or refreshments at pre-determined stop points. These four guys made this trip very special. Nothing was any trouble to them and like us, they had a smile on their faces throughout the trip. In conclusion, we will be travelling with Route 66 tours again soon to make more very special memories. We loved being honorary Aussies for the trip and loved the values we all seemed to share. I can’t recommend Route 66 Tours highly enough and would say both our trips to date have exceeded our expectations. Thanks again guys. See you all again soon.

Dave & Caroline L., Co. Durham, UK - Sturgis Tour 2022

2022 Sturgis Tour – Route 66 Tours - If you are after a motorcycle related tour then the Sturgis Tour with Route 66 Tours is for you. The riding is fantastic and the people are great. On this tour, I saw many parts of the USA that have stunning vistas (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Monument Valley - just to name a few). This tour will give you great memories and lastly friendships. This ‘Bucket List’ event for me was delayed by 3 years (COVID-19), but worth the wait and I enjoyed it immensely. I highly recommend Route 66 Tours to you as I have found Dale Butel and his ‘partner in crime’ Dan to be great tour organisers. I have completed a previous Tour with Route 66 Tours and I have found them to be second to none in continuing to provide a great tour service to their clients. Their organizational and planning skills are quite evident in the smooth running of the 2022 Sturgis Tour. From the daily briefings prior to the day's riding and advice for extra activities – to the best restaurants in the towns and cities we visited or stayed overnight, made for an enjoyable motorcycle tour. Get on your bike and get on a tour with Route 66 Tours…..

Stephen C., Sunshine Coast, Queensland - Sturgis Tour 2022

We recently attended the 2022 Sturgis Rally guided by Dale Butel and Lt. Dan of “Route 66 Tours”. Whilst we are motor bike riders normally, we decided to hire a car for this event.. mainly for comfort. The itinery was comprehensive, the scenery was spectacular and the roads we travelled along suited both a car and bike alike. Every part of this tour was managed in a professional and efficient manner by the team from “Route 66 Tours”. This was our second group tour with Dale and Lt Dan, as we travelled “Route 66 …the Mother Road”  in a Mustang in 2019, and it will certainly not be our last.

Helen Wheeler & Dave Williams, New South Wales - Sturgis Tour 2022

STURGIS 2022 WHAT A RIDE - Thank you Route 66 gang ( Dale, Dan, Blaze and Gra ) This is my second trip with you guys.  I did Sturges in 2013 but 2022 was a hole new adventure riding Pikes Peek , Mt Evans, Black Hills, and seeing the Northern Rim of the Gand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley just to mention a few. Every afternoon at beer oclock I said to Lt Dan that was a mad ride today, He always replied tomorrows ride is even better, and it was. I am looking forward to my next trip with Dale and all the gang that made the trip.

Mick G., New South Wales - Sturgis Tour 2022

Well what a ride the 2022 Sturgis tour was with Dale and all the crew . It met all our expectations and much more this was our first tour with Route 66 and we were very impressed with the organised manner in which the whole tour was put together from the start to finish. We experienced so much beautiful scenery and went to so many different places on our way to Sturgis from Las Vegas and back again the roads we went on where amazing, I have told quite a few friends about this tour and already some are booking for next year and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Route 66 tours to anyone who wants to experience America and enjoy all it has to offer on this tour .

Jack P. & Renee H., Queensland - Sturgis Tour 2022

The Sturgis 22 tour was my fourth with Route 66 Tours and certainly didn’t disappoint. Although not a biker, I had hoped to take this trip for some years and opted for the comfortable option of travelling by car. Everyday brought on a new adventure. Monument Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Custer State Park, the Black Hills of South Dakota , the Teton’s and so many more were astonishingly beautiful. While staying in the historic cowboy town of Deadwood, we enjoyed all the activities of Sturgis as well as fantastic day trips to local attractions including Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. As usual the Tour was well organised and Dale and his staff extremely helpful and approachable, with many great friendships made. I’ve booked in for my fifth and sixth Route 66 Tour and would encourage anyone to make the Sturgis Tour on bike, or by car, for the time of your life.

Vikki M & Dale S., Victoria - Sturgis Tour 2022

I have just come back from doing Sturgis 2022 with Route 66 Tours. I cannot believe how good it was. We picked the bikes up in Vegas and the night before commencing the ride we had a welcome dinner organised by Dale where we were presented with a travel pack full of useful info such as an itinerary for the 24 nights, also an atlas of America so that we could follow our route. The scenery that we saw was magnificent, so different to anything here in Australia and it changes all the time. I don’t know how many mountains we went over and how many twisty roads we rode but the experience was fantastic. I would definitely recommend Route 66 Tours to anyone that is considering going to Sturgis or doing the Route 66 road trip. A huge thank you once again Dale, Lt dan, Gra, and last but not least Blaze for a truly memorable experience. Hope to join you on a Route 66 road trip.

Fitzy., Gold Coast, Queensland - Sturgis Tour 2022

We had a great deal of fun on the Spring 2019 Route 66 tour. The camaraderie between our eclectic mix of fellow travelers was something very special and will be remembered for a long time. Dale is an extremely professional and knowledgeable tour operator which made the trip's logistics seamless and hassle free for the travelers. Dale's knows Route 66 like the back of his hand and has an impressive list of contacts along 66. Anyone thinking of taking a Route 66 trip take my tip and make Route 66 Tours your tour of choice.

Stuart C., Western Australia - Spring Route 66 Tour 2019

Not long returned from our 2019 Route 66 Express Tour with Dale. Had a fantastic time driving across the States with great company to enjoy the journey with. What made the trip so exciting was that every day was completely different from the day before, from travelling through deserts, old farm land, forests,and lush green landscapes of the east, the scenery was amazing. But you couldn't beat all the beautiful people and characters we met along the way, ...........................and that includes Dale :) We had a great time with lots of fun, laughs and fantastic memories.

Gina and Peter, Batemans Bay, NSW - Summer Route 66 Express Tour 2019

I have just arrived home from my 3rd tour with Route 66 Tours & would like to congratulate them on running such a well-oiled machine. Every tour has exceeded my expectations in every aspect & has inspired me to do more. Every minute, mile, day has revealed a smorgasbord of beautiful scenery, special people & amazing places. It has always been a sad day when every tour has finished. Thank you Dale Butel & your team for your attention to detail & for making people's dreams come true. The experience/trips you provide can't be faulted & has given me a multitude of special memories-:)

Murray Speeden – Gold Coast, QLD

Just returned from the States and the most amazing adventure over 7 weeks. Originally it all started as an 8 day trip for the 2018 115th Harley Davison rally. We approached Dale from Route 66 Tours to book the rally with a Harley trike. Once chatting to Dale about our dream holiday, he put together 4 weeks of our 7 week adventure, including all flights with Qantas, our preferred airline. We flew into Los Angeles where Dale had booked our accommodation and also our tours, it was just awesome. We then flew to Chicago again accommodation booked in a beautiful hotel, tours and itinerary all organised by Dale. We picked up the Harley trike together with the rest of the tour group. We rode to Milwaukee , where we enjoyed the rally and had the exciting privilege of riding in the celebration parade. Met some great people and had an amazing time. Special thanks to Dan for all his work over the "party" to make sure we all had a great time, and found our way around on the bikes. A great hotel again, and a good mix of free time and organised activities. We rode back to Chicago as a group and finished with a celebration dinner with the group, Dale and Dan. Next day dropped the bike off and picked up our car. Dale had put together a fantastic itinerary taking in Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and Panama City. The hotels were absolutely beautiful and all the tours Dale had pre-booked for us, making sure we saw and did all the top things in each destination. My favourite was New Orleans staying in the French Quarter. A huge thankyou to Dale, a brilliant tour, so well organised and so much fun. Don't just book your bike/car tour with Dale, let him organise your whole itinerary start to finish. Just let him know what you have in mind, and he will put together the most outstanding holiday you have ever experienced. Take a bow Dale

Ken & Judy H-D 115th Tour 2018

In 2017 we did the Express Tour with Route 66 Tours and enjoyed ourselves so much we decided to come back in Spring 2018 , and do the longer tour. It certainly didn’t disappoint. Although we visited many of the same attractions, there was so much more that we were able to see and enjoy, and the pace was just that much slower, that we had time to really explore each place we visited. From a fantastic day and night in Chicago to the farewell Limo tour in Las Vegas, the tour was very well organised and Dale’s expertise and knowledge about Route 66 made the road come alive. We stayed at some fabulous hotels and motels and shared some wonderful eating experiences along the way. Thanks Dale, for another great trip which will long be remembered. We will be back!

Vikki Lake - Spring Route 66 Tour 2018

What a Blast, with a year of hard savings we found we where on our way to Las Vagas to meet up with Dale and Dan and our tour group for the Sturgis 2017 tour. This tour was on our top 10 holiday list and as we are keen Harley owners we would now find it hard to top this holiday tour.

Dale and Dan ran a very professional tour as everyday was well organised and if you felt lost it would be your own problem as these guys are top blokes and will help you in anyway they can.

The hotels where top class and the roads and towns chosen for us to ride through where exceptional and good thing about this tour was that there was no pressure to arrive at the daily destination first motto of Dan was ‘ride at your own pace’ and this suited us at times as this was our annual holiday so we just enjoyed our selves.

The scenery and mountains where breath taking, especially when we arrived back at Moab and did a sundower buggy ride onto of the mountains which I will never forget as I proposed to my awesome fiancé with the support of the whole tour group.

We made awesome friends on this tour and everyone clicked well together and had an absolute ball with never a dull moment.

We are ready saving up for our next tour in 2019 with Route 66 tours.

A big thank you to Dale and Dan you made our holiday very memorable !!!!

Awesome times – Craig and Cilla.


My son and i have just finished an amazing Route 66 tour with Dale and Jim. These blokes are outstanding, their knowledge and passion for the mother road is unbelievable. We were taken to many little out of the way places that i am sure even some of the locals don’t know about. Accommodation was really good, sometimes quirky, but that is all part of the journey. We were introduced to many interesting people along the way, who were all very passionate about keeping the road alive and well. The scenery as each mile rolled on takes your breath away. The tour was very well organised, Dale and Jim ensured at the end of each day that we were all set up with our rooms, and with most nights we all sat outside with a few drinks and talked about the days ride. This is our first tour withe Dale’s company and we certainly hope it won’t be the last, his attention to detail, such as ensuring I rode the right bike for both comfort and safety was in the end greatly appreciated. What can we say about Jim, only that he is an absolute legend. Thank you both for providing us with the trip of a lifetime, a huge tick off the bucket list, and to all those who are thinking about travelling the Mother road, "do it now" and make sure you do it with Route 66 Tours, because believe me it does not get any better than with these blokes. We certainly got our kicks.

Graham and Rohan Brock - Spring Route 66 Express Tour 2017


My tour with Dale Butel and Route 66 tours, was everything and more than I expected. Well organized, informative and nothing was too much trouble during the tour. In fact Dale and Jim went out of their way to cater to our interests along the way. The pace was comfortable with just enough stops at interesting sights to break up the trip. I left the tour with a love for the country we travelled through and a deep sadness for how much of the Route has gone. Dale introduced us to many characters along the way who were able to explain the history and magic of the 'mother road' and their stories will remain with me. Some great friendships were forged which I know will continue in the future. I hope to go back for another tour or tours, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Route 66 tours to everyone

Vikki Lake - Spring Route 66 Express Tour 2017


As a teenager in the late 1960’s early 70's, I grew up with all those great songs, some of which pop up on Route 66. Apart from the signature song "Get your kicks on Route 66", how about:

  • "Chicago my home town"
  • "St Louis blues"
  • "24 Hours from Tulsa"
  • "Show me the way to Amarillo"
  • "Standin’ on the corner at Winslow Arizona"
  • "Little old lady from Pasadena"

And there around the corner is the entry gate of Joliet Prison that discharged Jake Blues into the riotous "Blues Brothers" movie. I always wanted to travel on this old historical road trip, but work, kids, mortgages, starting a business, etc., got in the way. Now I was able to do it 50 years later – you are never too old to do this trip. If you think you can do the trip on your own, forget it – you will miss half of the features and history that Dale's experience and connections showed us. For example, you may not have Ken (the Landrunner) Turmel give you a private presentation at your hotel, you may not meet Jim Hinckley for a lunchtime talk and signing of his book, you may miss Jerry McClanahan being at his gallery to sign any purchases. You may also miss a Museum and a couple of old Servos opening when they should have been closed. Dale and his Tour Leaders were alert and diligent in keeping track of everyone, and making sure those who were held up at changing of traffic lights (a modern invention) did not turn the wrong way or get lost. The end of the trip in Las Vegas is a real eye-opener – like a separate mini-trip in itself. My favourite, possibly, was New Mexico. I fully expected Cowboys and Indians to come thundering around from behind those massive cliffs, just like they did in the movies when I took my first girlfriend to the back-row movies. A mystery remained unsolved – which Springfield is the home of Homer Simpson?

Bloody Nevell (my tour name) – Spring Route 66 Tour 2017 (Passenger in Van)


I was one of the intrepid travellers for the Spring 2017 Route 66 adventure. I undertook the trip in company with my lifelong friend and brother Garry and friends Les and Adrian. The trip was on the bucket list of my brother Garry, so it was decided that we would undertake the adventure just after his 60th birthday. The trip was awesome. From the moment we arrived to the moment the tour finished you both excelled. The tour was so well managed both personally and logistically. It became known as the “unprecedented” tour because of one bad weather day, punctures and a few other hiccups. None of these hiccups were the fault of the organisers and each hiccup was dealt with swiftly and professionally. Both Dale and Danny were generous with their time both on the ride and during downtime in the evenings. Their suggestions of food, and drink were always spot on. Each rider could basically ride at their own speed. The only exceptions were in towns (keep close to avoid rider losses) and on the interstate (to avoid interfering with traffic flow). I travelled 3006 miles of which in excess of 1900 miles were actually on the original Route 66 Mother Road. The stops were always interesting and their local knowledge truly amazing, this in concert with the friendship they have with towns and people take the whole experience to another level. The advice about riding conditions was always timely without being oppressive. Accommodation was great and varied to suit the overnight location. The inclusion of 2 non ride days was very important. Some rested others went on a day out. In conclusion, I highly recommend Dale and his crew to anybody wanting to ride the holy-grail of motor bike rides. If you are a serious rider then this is a must.

Philip Wilson – Spring Route 66 Tour 2017


We were the only ones on a bike for the Fall 2016 Route 66 Tour, so we travelled with the cars and it worked well. A Harley Davidson isn’t our normal mode of transport but it is at home on US roads especially the interstates. The hotels on the whole were great some of the older ones were traditional route 66 stops and they were still good stays. Logistically the trip was spot-on everything worked . The only hiccup was the flu we caught on the plane home, by the time we arrived home it was bronchitis which took a while to get over. On reflection, a great once in a life time experience, highly recommended.

Allan & Pauline


What a tour and major tick off the bucket list

– to say that the tour met myself and Tyron’s expectations would be to understate the experience and time we had on the road with the group, yourself and Dan. Every day on the road brought something new and even better than the day before. As I had hoped to do this trip for close on twenty years, a lot of research went into deciding which tour and where we might go - Route 66 tours we found where spot on with rides, extra activities and support – we could not be happier and look forward to touring again with you again. Thanks for the experience of a life time – all I can say to anyone is don’t wait contact Dale at Route 66 Tours, they are the best.

Barry Magnus
Manager Development & Regulatory Services
Waratah Wynyard Council


Thank you very much for a wonderful Summer Tour of Route 66!

Hi Dale & Kristi-Anne, a quick note to say thank you for the trip of a lifetime! This was a must do on our bucket list and to blast down Route 66 in the ‘General’ made it even more special and we couldn’t stop smiling as we saw more than we ever expected, learnt more than we thought possible and toured across middle America with 40 very different personalities. Your care with planning our trip BEFORE we left and then the care & attention provided by Dale, Lt Dan, Paul and Ralph was beyond our expectations. When I’m asked what was the highlight of the trip – it was ALL OF IT! The people, the scenery, the places we got to see and the many characters that make Route 66 what it is – it was all AMAZING. We have friends already asking for your details as they’ll be joining one of your tours in the near future.

Keith & Carolyn Newey (Summer Tour 2015)


It is something that I will remember forever.

Hi Kristie-Anne & Dale, firstly I would like to say thank you for an extremely enjoyable trip, it was well organised, it is something that I will remember forever.  I saw things that if I had tried to arrange this myself I would have never seen. When researching/planning (which I started 4 years ago) I came across tour groups that did not compare with the price and inclusions that was provided by Route 66 Tours.   I was asking myself the question how can this be at such a good price, their must be something that has been sacrificed (ie accommodation), boy was I wrong the accommodation was excellent. Inclusions such as the meet and greet dinner, Lake Powel Cruise (which was a surprise), Monument Valley tour (and the young Navajo girl singing) & the Limo tour at end of trip were excellent. The detailed itinerary that was provided at the start of the tour was very helpful and insightful with all the relevant information on the town/area being visited. I would also like to thank the support team for group A (Jim, John & Anthony), packing and unpacking luggage everyday was not an easy task, especially as we increased our souvenirs, I can't imagine how I would have dealt with this and breakdowns if I was on my own. During this trip I met some fantastic people that I will endeavour to stay in contact with in the future. My experience with Complete Travel Solutions & Route 66 Tours from the first contact making enquiries through to the end of the tour was friendly and enjoyable, nothing was a problem, I will be and have recommended you to family and friends.   I will also be using you in any future travel plans/tours. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW, what an awesome experience it was. Looking forward to details of the Fire and Ice tour.....

Les Waterman (Sturgis Tour 2015)



Hi Dale & Kristi-Anne, A quick note to say thank you for the trip of a lifetime! This was a must do on our bucket list and to blast down Route 66 in the ‘General’ made it even more special and we couldn’t stop smiling as we saw more than we ever expected, learnt more than we thought possible and toured across middle America with 40 very different personalities. Your care with planning our trip BEFORE we left and then the care & attention provided by Dale, Lt Dan, Paul and Ralph was beyond our expectations. When I’m asked what was the highlight of the trip – it was ALL OF IT! The people, the scenery, the places we got to see and the many characters that make Route 66 what it is – it was all AMAZING. We have friends already asking for your details as they’ll be joining one of your tours in the near future.

Adrian & Janet King (Fall Tour 2014)

The laughs were endless, drinks long, accommodation fantastic and we made some new friends

Hi Dale & Kristi-Anne, Just a quick note to thank you both for the wonderful holiday Mark and I had. Dale, you are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air, your patience with all the different personalities on the trip couldn’t be faulted, your insight into Route 66 and storytelling of the history were outstanding. This was a bucket list holiday for us both and we will never ever forget the wonderful time we had. We pinched ourselves driving through Arizona, laughing and giggling like a couple of school kids, who would have thought we were there!!!! I would highly recommend Route 66 tours to anyone that was interested in travelling. Would you please thank Lt Dan, Pauly and “Ralphie” for also making our holiday so wonderful. The laughs were endless, drinks long, accommodation fantastic and we made some new friends. What more could you ask for. Kristi-Anne, our accommodation outside of Route 66 was wonderful, as well as the tours that you organised. Hawaii was an eye-opener for me, and it was great to relax for a few days after the tour. Even our wedding in Vegas was more than I had expected. The chapel (A Special Memory Chapel) is more beautiful than on-line, the people lovely, which made our special day perfect. Thanks again to you both. Mustang Sally rides on.

Mylie Crawford (Fall Tour 2014)

I would never have been able to find or gain access to many of the places on my own

Hi Dale & Kristi-Anne, I have just returned from the Route 66 Fall Tour & wanted to say what a fantastic trip it was. Dale, Dan, Paul & Ralph did a great job of looking after us all the way, not an easy task with 40 plus people. Doing a trip like this with people who know so much about the places & characters along the way makes a huge difference to the overall experience not to mention the connections that Dale has with so many people. I would never have been able to find or gain access to many of the places on my own. Kristi-Anne was more than happy to customise the trip for me so that I could travel to Santa Monica on the bike & made many great suggestions. People ask me what were the highlights of the trip & my reply is “all of it”! To anyone contemplating a trip to the USA I would highly recommend Dale, Kristi-Anne & the crew at route66tours. I also would be happy to talk to anyone about the trip if this would help.

David Scott (Fall Tour 2014)

Recommended to anybody thinking of doing this. JUST DO IT.

Just done the Route 66 tour from Chicago to Las Vegas. Cannot say enough about the excellent organization that runs this. Getting 45 people across America is not an easy task but they managed it well. The trip just got better and better the further we went. Dale, Paulie and Daniel are great great people and did a fantastic job of keeping us bikers on track. Nothing was too much a problem and indeed a lot of what I thought we would have to pay for was covered. Indeed more than I expected. Comments from Americans were that this is the BEST route 66 tour going. Thank you, thank you and again thank you.110% blast. Recommended to anybody thinking of doing this. JUST DO IT.

Phill & Jonno Morgan (Fall Tour 2014)

There wasn’t one minute of my time on the tour, where I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying myself

Hi Dale, Been a while since I have been back, but I would say that just about every day since landing in Aus, I think about the US Sturgis tour and want to be back over there riding around. I have had many holidays, travelling to many countries over my life, but nothing tops the tour I did with you guys… From the start when dealing with your lovely wife, right to the end of the tour, everything was faultless. There wasn’t one minute of my time on the tour, where I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying myself…..A credit to you Dale, Kristi-Anne, Dan and Blaze for giving me the trip of my lifetime. Byron and I are always talking about the trip and panting the seed for 2016. Anyway, take care and be safe out there.

Kelvin Laute (Sturgis Tour 2014)

it was more than I expected

Hi Kristi-Anne & Dale, I would just like to say thank you both for giving me the best holiday ever it was more than I expected Dale, Dan & Paul done a terrific job. I hope to do it again. cheers

Dennis Ainsworth (Summer Tour 2014)

I have enjoyed every minute/mile of this fantastic trip

“Well after 4 weeks of riding almost 7500km it has all come to an end today in Las Vegas. What an amazing trip, what an amazing time, what fantastic weather. I have been to & seen some amazing things, history & places. I have meet some incredible people, on & off the tour. A very special thankyou to my lovely wife Gay for presenting me with a voucher last year for my 60th birthday, this is one of the most special & amazing experiences you have ever given me. I have enjoyed every minute/mile of this fantastic trip. Finally a special thank you to Dale Butel, Daniel Azzopardi & Paul Williams from www.route66tours.com.au for making the Route 66 portion of this trip such an amazing & unforgettable time, well done guys”

Murray Speden (Summer Tour 2014)

it was THE best holiday I have ever had!

I had a GREAT time on my Route 66 Tour – it was THE best holiday I have ever had!!! Dale, Lt Dan and Pauly were wonderful guides, the accommodation was fantastic, the places we went and the people we met were amazing…and I WILL be back within 2 years to do the Sturgis Trip – can’t wait!

Cheryl Christiansen (Summer Tour 2014)

I can’t believe the route we took, it was so scenic

Thank you again for the great Sturgis trip in 2013, it was such a blast. The Aussie guides Dan and Steve were great, they couldn’t have been more helpful or informative. I can’t believe the route we took, it was so scenic. The first day out of Las Vegas the country side was stunning and it just got better and better every day. I thought sooner or later it has to go downhill but it didn’t! As it was my first time to the US, my plan was to go with a tour group to learn where I was going and to get familiar with driving on the wrong side of the road, and then return in a year or two and do Sturgis myself. But after the experience I had with you I wouldn’t look at traveling by myself. I would like to book a place on the 2015 Sturgis tour and I will be bringing my son with me as I am giving him this trip for his 21st Birthday. I know he won’t get a better experience if he travels with Route 66 Tours.

Graham Nichols (Route 66 & Sturgis Tours 2013)

The sights, scenery, places we saw were incredible – many of which the standard tourist would never get to see

“The tour of Route 66 with R66 Tours was undoubtedly the best holiday we have ever had! The sights, scenery, places we saw were incredible – many of which the standard tourist would never get to see”. “The people we met, and the total service from Dale, Kristi-Anne, and Daniel was outstanding – a holiday on a Harley with nothing to think about but having a great time”. “Many of our Harley friends were amazed at the places we went and things we saw, with some of them disappointed with their trip they had done with other companies to Route 66, after learning of our experiences!” “Fantastic, to the point that upon our return, we and another two couples from this last trip immediately booked another trip with Route 66 Tours to Sturgis in 2015, to once again experience other parts of the USA on a Harley with R66 Tours”. “Well done Dale, you have won us over, and we along with others will look forward to many great days with your team in 2015. Bring it on!! “A brilliant hassle free relaxed and amazing holiday – what more can I say – you just gotta do it”.

Stuart McLaughlin (Fall Tour 2013)

It was a real buzz travelling with like minded people who loved motorcycles

Hi Kristi-Anne & Dale, I`m writing to thank you both for a wonderful time on the tour. When my friends & family ask me how the Route 66 tour went I tell them it not only met but exceeded my expectations. It was a real buzz travelling with like minded people who loved motorcycles & the notion of heading off down that iconic highway. The extensive planning was obvious and the previous experience you`ve had operating these tours ensured that everyone had the gratification they sought. I spoke to some of the others on the tour regarding this subject and they all agreed that it would have been a near Herculean task to organise every aspect of the undertaking. We felt that if it were left to us to coordinate the hotels, back up vehicles, support staff, points of interest, the contacts along the way,etc we would be found wanting. The optional tours were great too. I`d certainly recommend your tours to anyone – especially anyone with a sense of adventure and a yearning to see “old time” America. Perhaps we`ll meet up again at some time in the future. Yours sincerely

Martin Weissel (Fall Tour 2013 on a Harley)

We rode with the best bunch of people and made life time friends

(Posted on Facebook, used with permission) Got home yesterday afternoon after a fantastic holiday of a life time. Thanks to Dale and his team there wasn’t much that we didn’t see or do along Route 66. We rode with the best bunch of people and made life time friends. Also thanks Roger and Jewels for a great holiday, having your company was great. Just can’t say how much we enjoyed ourselves, to those who were there I think it deserves the biggest Youuu Tooo.

Daryl & Sherilyn Sparks (Summer Tour 2013 on Harley’s)

Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime we really did live the dream.

Hi Dale and Kristi-Anne, We would like to thank you both on the best holiday of our lives. The spring tour 2013 was amazing we could not have seen and travelled to far on our own and the places that you took us to was the real america that we had always hoped to see. We were a little concerned that traveling route 66 with our 11 year old daughter might be a problem for the other travelers but it was quite the opposite everyone on the trip loved her and she had the most amazing time. You and your team of wonderful guides Anthony in particular were amazing you always took the time to explain the history behind every stop and nothing was too much trouble you and your staff work so hard to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time and every stop went smoothly and like clockwork. We were very sad to see our time together come to and end and I know we have made friends for life. Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime we really did live the dream.

Brian , Dareen and Courtney Staples (Spring 2013 Tour)

Hi Kristi-Anne, We arrived back in Aussie last Wednesday morning after a wonderful 8 weeks away. We both thought that your Route 66 Tour was brilliant and so well run. (must admit I did tell Dale he was 1minute 30 secs late arriving at one destination!) Overall an amazing management of the itinerary to fit in what we did and to keep on time. We highly recommend to anyone considering driving Route 66 to do it easy and book your Tour. Where do you start:

  • Dale’s knowledge of Route 66 is better than outstanding and he has obviously established some very good Route 66 contacts in the USA
  • The morning briefings and running notes and EZ66 Guide for Travellers made the day easy as it was very clear where we were going and at what time we would be there. The EZ66 Guide was invaluable when we went off on our own. The USA 2013 Road Atlas provided was also very useful – particularly after the Tour ended and we took off around Arizona, Utah and Colorado.
  • We visited so many R66 iconic sites and well hidden sections of the abandoned Mother Road, even getting that old bridge opened so we could drive over it! Impressive.
  • The choice of hotels was superb offering a range of experiences
  • The organisation was so well managed considering there were 20 cars (not to mention the bikes) and drivers to keep under control (Great Tail End Charlie relaying all the important info!) The daily itinerary was well paced and we did not get tired of driving and each day seemed easy considering the total distance covered from Chicago to Las Vegas. (We covered 2590 miles)
  • We enjoyed the fact they we could do our own thing (in fact were encouraged) so we could shoot off and take a few photos before things got crowded and then catch up with the tour.
  • It was great to meet some of the personalities on the Route including Authors and Artists. Thanks again for the gift of Jim Hinckley’s Book, “Ghost Towns of Route 66″.
  • We also appreciated the recommendations from you and Dale on cafes, restaurants and choice of meals along the way. Heath and I still remember the fabulous soup in Winslow at the La Posada. And what a great Hotel!
  • Linking in with the Fun Run added to the trip, particularly all the action at the various places the fun run visited

Ric & Heather (Spring 2013 Tour)

Can’t wait to plan our next adventure

Hi Dale and Kristi-Anne, Thank you for organizing the holiday of our lifetime. We had a fantastic time with you, your staff and all the gang we met on “The Mother Road”, Route66. The holiday by far exceeded our expectations and we came home appreciating the history and the journey on Route 66 even more. It was well organized and informative and there wasn’t a moment we didn’t enjoy. Kristi –Anne arranged all our pre Route 66 Holiday to Vegas and New York as well and we couldn’t fault it one bit. We haven’t stopped talking to and telling people about the great time we had since we’ve came home. One thing you guys should do is add is a disclaimer advising customers that, “they may become depressed once returning from having such a great time”. Can’t wait to plan our next adventure and will no doubt be calling you to arrange it. Thanks again,

David & Sharan Gransden (Spring Tour 2013)

Best of the best, with lots of wonderful extras

As they say in the classics ‘do yourselves a favour’ and go on Route 66 with Dale and Kristi-Anne. We have just completed the spring tour and it was fabulous, even better than expected. You can’t see all of Route 66 in 3 weeks but what you do see is best of the best, with lots of wonderful extras. There is nothing that Dale doesn’t know about the Mother Road. The tour is very well organised and flexible if you drive. We were passengers and they catered to our every need, nothing was too much trouble. Not only were the crew fantastic but also the other passengers were a great group of people. We can’t sing the praises of Dale and co. loud enough. Thanks again Dale, Kristi-Anne, Anthony, David and Danny – we will never forget our trip with you - you were wonderful.

Jen and Chris (Chauffeured in an SUV – Spring 2013 Tour)

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself – the tour was so amazing

Have spruiked to anyone that will listen how wonderful the tour was and how it was so much more than we expected. Have had a couple of people take your details from me as they are very keen to do the tour also. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself – the tour was so amazing. Thanks again guys. Will be in touch when we plan our next holiday.

Deb (Deb Deb) & Dave Spacie (Fall 2012 Tour)

You certainly brought route 66 alive for each and everyone of us

Hi Dale, yes we are home safe and well, and unfortunately back at work! But if we want to have these wonderful holidays, we must earn the dollars to do them. I must also thank you and Kristy-Anne and your wonderful staff for our holiday of a lifetime. I cannot thank you enough for all the fantastic memories, the fun, the laughter and the all your little extras along the way. You certainly brought route 66 alive for each and everyone of us. Thank you once again. I look forward to travelling with you again. Cheers

Rhonda & Glynn (Fall 2012 Tour)

great sites, great people, great shopping

Hi Dale & Kristi-Anne, just wanted to thank you guys for a 100% top time , great sites, great people, great shopping , It’s like you hand pick the people, thanks greatly . Regards

Bill Van Piere & Bev Vandenhuevel (Fall 2012 Tour)

Our Route 66 trip was right up there with the best ever

Dear Dale, we would like to thank you and your staff for the ‘experience of a lifetime’ being the Spring 2012 Harley/Mustang trip on Route 66. As you know Amanda & I have been motor racing and rallying for nearly 20 years (currently Touring Car Masters + Sports Racer Series), and we have had some wonderful experiences/met some wonderful people during this time. Our Route 66 trip was right up there with the best ever. We especially appreciated the opportunity to bring our 8 year old daughter (who also loved the trip) and alternate the Harley and the Mustang convertible each day. I have just finished editing 1600 images into a PowerPoint presentation which will play permanently on a digital picture frame to remind us constantly of this awesome experience. Many many thanks to you all.

Greg Keene & Amanda Sparks (Current 2011 TCM Class A Champion) (Spring Tour 2012)

Lots of ticks off the bucket list!

Hi Dale and Kristi-Anne, We must thank you both so much for organizing a fantastic holiday for us. We both really enjoyed it. There wasn’t any low points only high points for us. The tour was very well organized and we were made very welcome everywhere we went and the people that we met were all very friendly. Dan was fantastic! From his talks in the morning to checking that we were all OK at every stop. He kept us well informed and made everything run smooth and made sure we didn’t miss out on anything. Justin and Steve were also really good too. The rest of our holiday that you organized was amazing as well. The hotels that you booked for us were all really good. They were all in great spots so we could make the most of where we were staying. It was really good being met at the airport too. It made everything easier without having to worry about getting to the hotels. Thank you so much. It was a very memorable time for us. Lots of ticks off the bucket list! Hopefully we will be booking again with you. Unfortunately we have now got to go back to work to save!!! Thank you again so much.

Leanne & Steve Clarridge (Spring 2012 Tour on a Harley)

we were amazed with how smooth things ran a testament to you both

Hello Dale & Kristi-Anne, Guys we would like to thank you for our fantastic holiday from start to finish it ran like clockwork we had many transfers & flights throughout our USA & Route 66 tour including our Marriage in los Vegas ( the Grand canyon ranch was fantastic our wedding went off with a hitch just as you planed) + the Mexico trip, we were amazed with how smooth things ran a testament to you both & we thank you for the professional caring hands on approach you have with your business it flows through to complete client satisfaction . I will be making a more detailed note of our journey & Route 66 tour on face book & any other forum I can mate, your 66 tour is outstanding I know you cannot please all the people all the time and you will always have the knockers in whatever you do in life or business! but you have it right your care & the care of your staff was outstanding you have a fine crew we felt safe well looked after and great value for money. Look forward to our next outing with your company our very best to you both.

David Jessica & Rachael Melville & Shirley Atchison (Spring Tour 2012)

I would say one of the very best things I have done in my life

Hi Dale, Well back home for a week now’ all safe and sound, and back at work. A quick note of thanks we had a wonderful time, in fact I would say one of the very best things I have done in my life! The WOW factor was almost every day. Along with you and the crew we have met and made many friends. Too many highlights to list, let alone put in order 1-10 or even 1-100. I could easily start this trip again tomorrow! Naomi also had a terrific time, (learned how to use GPS etc thanks to yours and Anthony’s help) I think she enjoyed seeing this 3 year old having such a great time. Our time @ Melia Cabo Resort Mexico was a much needed relaxing break before we returned to Aus. I couldn’t stop reliving Route 66 but managed to wind down off an enormous high. Again many thanks Cheers

Bob & Naomi Parker (Spring Tour 2012)

we have been on some great holiday tours in the past and yours was definitely up there with them

Hi Dale, Gwynne and I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful tour and time on Route 66, we have been on some great holiday tours in the past and yours was definitely up there with them. Keep up the good work and keep us up to date with any other Tours you have coming up as we would love to join you again. Once again Thanks a million. Take care

Gwynne & Gordon Meredith (Spring Tour 2012)

nothing appeared to be too hard for Dale and Kristi-Anne. They do not limit themselves to the Route 66 tour

As a 40th birthday present to me, I wanted to fulfill my ultimate dream – travel to the States and travel the “Mother Road” aka Route 66. None of my friends were available to travel at the same time so I decided to investigate organized tours – enter Dale & Kristi-Anne and Route 66 Tours. From the first contact that I had with Dale & Kristi-Anne, their customer attention was fantastic! I had a lot of questions with a lot of “what ifs” attached – nothing appeared to be too hard for Dale and Kristi-Anne. They do not limit themselves to the Route 66 tour – my plan was to do another tour before the Route 66 tour and add extra days to my trip afterwards … Dale & Kristi-Anne were not only able to assist with bookings, accommodation, transfers etc but also suggest the most amazing things to do in the places that I was visiting … they are definitely a “one stop shop” if you want the travel experience of a lifetime! Now for the Route 66 Tour … OMG, an experience way beyond my expectations! As a single traveler in the Summer 2011 Route 66 tour, I felt completely comfortable at all times and would not hesitate in recommending this tour to any other single, and in particular female, traveler – whether you are a car lover or not (I wasn’t). The option to co-drive with another single traveler was also made available. This was not only a financial saving for me but it definitely added to the experience … which is what Dale and his tour is all about – the experience! Dale, you are someone who genuinely loves Route 66. This is shown through your amazing knowledge; the fantastic / colourful / vibrant friends you have along Route 66 that you willingly introduced and shared with us but also the towns / attractions / cafes / shops / accommodation you make as part of your tour. I can honestly say that not one day went past without a great experience attached to it. I’m not sure if all tour groups are like what I got to experience but for a group of people with an age range of 22 to 71, I could not have wished for a better group of people – whom I now refer to as friends. Thanks again Dale for a wonderful trip, my memories and new friends will be constant reminders of the great decision I made on how celebrate my 40th birthday. Hope to see you in Sept 2012 for the Reunion tour. To the people reading this wondering if this tour is for you – the answer is a very simple YES! You will receive a great tour and be rest assured – if there is something to see or know about Route 66, this is the way to do it.

Karen Rothwell (Summer Tour 2011)

So get on it, contact Dale, and book a REAL adventure

Having just toured Chicago to Las Vegas along historic Route 66 with Dale Butel of Route 66 Tours for the second time, I believe Dale has got to be best guide by far. What Dale doesn’t know about the Mother Road, nobody could know. Where there is an attraction to be seen, and he knows where they all are, he not only takes you there but can usually tell you the history of it also! He has such a vast knowledge of this historic gem through all the trips he has made along it, that he probably knows every crack in the old Portland cement surface and how many rivets are in each old bridge you cross over !! Because you are at www.route66tours.com.au, you are already on the way to the best road trip holiday you could imagine. Nothing seems too much trouble for Dale, from arranging the flights, the quality accommodation and car rental, to great places to eat and meet with the people who are the heartbeat of Route 66. So get on it, contact Dale, and book a REAL adventure. Thanks again Dale, and all the new friends who were on the 2011 Summer tour, for another great trip. Having done this and the 2010 Spring tour, I am sure there will be more trips with you and Route 66 Tours. regards,

Rod Madden (Summer Tour 2011)

without Dale we would never have travelled the “True” Route 66

Our Best Holiday – We decided to tour Route 66 as a 50th Birthday present for Graham. At first I was going to organise the accommodation, flights and hire cars. But whilst I was googling I came across Route 66 Tours. And I’m so glad I did and for so many reasons. Firstly it is a locally owned company which gave me, not only peace of mind that I was dealing with someone close at hand but there were no delays in correspondence which can often occur with the time difference from the States. Secondly was the fact that Dale did everything from the flights to transfers, also all accommodation and car hire. He even organised add ons like a few days in New York and LA before and after the official tour. (And all went so smoothly.) This was an enormous relief as we could just sit back and enjoy the ride. A very important thing for us was that without Dale we would never have travelled the “True” Route 66, not to mention the many “characters” we met along the way. That part of the tour would have been sorely missed had we ventured out on our own. But the icing on the cake was the fantastic people that we travelled with. At the end of the day we had so much fun and so many laughs with our tour companions. We have been on many overseas holidays and have always felt ready to come home at the end. But I can honestly say that we did not want this adventure to end. And the memories as well as the new found friendships we have made will be with us for a lifetime. So much so we are now eagerly awaiting the reunion trip. So yet again thanks Dale for such a fabulous holiday. And my advice for anyone thinking of doing Route 66 with Dale “Don’t think DO” you won’t regret it……… Oh and don’t fly out early the morning after the Farewell Limo Tour in Las Vegas haha. Louise van Velzen (Summer Tour 2011)

it was like catching up with the colourful end of the family all the way

It was a private family holiday, pure and simple. A full-retail fallabout on our own time and terms. So trust me when I commend Dale Butel (Google him) to guide you if crossing America from Chicago to Las Vegas on a journey through the rich history of Route 66 appeals to you, too. Having travelled the Mother Road more than any other Australian, Dale knows it like a local, and he knows the most interesting Route 66 locals, too, so it was like catching up with the colourful end of the family all the way. From pony-cars to family wagons, his Route66Tours provided all the wheels for our group and arranged everything else from accommodation to daily itineraries splendidly. Try him (cue the music) If You Ever Plan To Motor West…and , if you do, say hello from the Cockburns.

Paul Cockburn, Feature Writer / Columnist MOTOR Magazine, Sydney, Australia (Summer Tour 2011)

Until our trip with Route 66 Tours we didn’t realise just how much of 66 we missed

Just want to say what a wonderful time we had when we travelled with Dale and the crew from Route 66 Tours on the Spring Tour. Dale, and his fabulous assistant guide Anthony, took us along the Route 66 we’d always dreamed of. Three years ago, we did a “Route 66 tour” with another company & tour guide. We went to a few of the Route 66 museums, but apart from that, barely saw Route 66. Until our trip with Route 66 Tours we didn’t realise just how much of 66 we missed, all we did was drive on the Interstates. After the trip in 2008, we returned to Australia and questions from friends asking how the trip went, I said “Fast and Furious”. Although we loved driving through the deserts in Arizona, it was NOT what we expected. Our “guide” for that trip seemed to be more interested in looking at cars to buy for himself, and we really didn’t have any idea of what was going on. We were just told the next port of call for the evening and were left to do what we could on our own. We got lost on a daily basis and many events that were “scheduled”, like get-together dinners or meetings with anyone who knew anything about 66, simply didn’t eventuate. Dale on the other hand, who has more knowledge and expertise than I ever knew, showed us the Real Mother Road. We drove along tracks, through the dustbowls, saw the old wayside motels and cafes, and stopped off and spoke to the real people of the Highway. We met amazing people, and finally had a real feel of what it would have been like for the Okies and the Arkies as they headed off west to find work in California. Dale took us to Indian reservations, to amazing historic Two Guns, Oatman, Seligman (love you Angel), and took time to take us to the bottom of Grand Canyon, to sit beside the Colorado River. We got to meet Amazing people along the way like the lady who makes ceramics who has lived alone, apart from her 2 dogs, for 9 years in the middle of the Arizona desert. We met the 4Women, and never will I forget the Ugly Crusty Pies. Even though we travelled with Anthony in the luxury SUV (we chose not to drive this time), we got to meet others on the tour, and the whole atmosphere was totally different, especially as Dale, Anthony and Daniel, the other assistant guide, always made everyone, especially us, feel so very special. Our last night in Vegas was amazing with two big limos driving us around the sites of the city, ending up on Fremont Street. Not to mention going in a NASCAR! Dale, what a fitting and wonderful end to the most amazing trip, and we hope to join you again before we get too much older. Many thanks

Phil and Margaret Middleton (Spring Tour 2011)

I have discovered there’s no normal life after riding Route 66

Hi Dale, I have discovered there’s no normal life after riding Route 66. The ride was if not the best thing I have done, it’s certainly up there. Both Sandra & I had a great time thanks to you, Daniel & Anthony. I would be more than pleased to talk with anyone regarding bike choice and trip. Thanks for a great trip, keep in touch. Regards

Neil & Sandra Spriggs (Spring Tour 2011)

it was one of the best trips I have been on

Driving Route 66 has been my dad’s dream, for as long as I can remember. He had always talked about it, and due to certain events occurring during the last two years for both of us, it seemed like now was the time to go………. so we booked to go on Dale’s Route 66 Spring Tour. I was a bit apprehensive, as I have never been on a ‘tour’ before in my life, and really had no idea what to expect. I found Dale to be extremely helpful during the planning stage with ideas and tips – he was always prompt to get back to me, and no question seemed too hard, or too trivial. Now that the trip is over, I can only say that it was one of the best trips I have been on, and there are many reasons for this: 1. The fact that we were on the old Route 66 road for most of the trip, and that we really had a chance to see so many different aspects of the route – it really gave me a feel for the history and emotion of Route 66. 2. Dale’s extensive knowledge of Route 66, and the many interesting stories he had to tell, as well as all the ‘characters’ he introduced to us along the way. 3. The flexibility to do as we wished independently or the opportunity to join the group and travel in convoy. 4. The amount of support we were given with maps, equipment (GPS, phone, CB), suggestions of places to see, and ideas of what we could do at various stops. 5. The way Dale, Anthony and Daniel fostered the group spirit by organising events like the pizza night, dinners out, group photos, talks with people along the way. I think these events helped to bring the group together, and gave us more opportunities to meet and mix with each other, and share our experiences. 6. There were several ‘extras’ paid for by Dale that I didn’t expect – e.g. meals, drinks, entry fees. 7. The accommodation was excellent, varied, and where possible was linked to Route 66 in decor, style, location, history and memorabilia. 8. I always found Dale, Anthony and Daniel friendly, willing to help and answer questions, and offering to do their best to solve any problems that occurred along the way. Although there were some aspects of the trip that didn’t go according to plan, the positive points have far outweighed any other aspects, for me. I am left feeling very fortunate that I have shared my dad’s dream with him while we both were fit and able, I met many new friends, and that I really learned a great deal about old Route 66. I like to remember what I gained, rather than anything I may have missed. The great memories of the Route 66 Spring Tour 2011 will stay with me forever. It was a unique journey. Thanks Dale.

Peta Diercke (Spring Tour 2011)

Dale really looked after the group and introduced us all to his passion

My family and I really enjoyed our tour of the Mother road with Route 66 Tours in Summer 2010. We travelled in 2 cars, a Mustang Convertible and an SUV, giving us extra room and comfort. Dale really looked after the group and introduced us all to his passion, Route 66. The tour is flexible enough to allow time on the road alone and even a side trip to a parts dealer we wanted to visit. But it is great to have a guide for the difficult parts of the old road, and to introduce us to the people living and breathing 66. I have no hesitation in recommending this tour to anyone interested in a fantastic road trip vacation, and can be contacted on 0419135511 for more details.

Alan McCormack, (Summer Tour 2010)

Thank-you Dale for such a well organised comprehensive run along the Great Mother Road. The historic sites blow us away. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Route 66 and most importantly thanks for a really great time. Cant wait to go with you again.

Clinton Adams (Summer Tour 2008 )

Dale has constructed this tour extremely well taking you on a historical, cultural and geographically stunning journey across the USA

If you have a sense of adventure, a passion for Route 66, the cars that travelled along it or simply a fondness for classic Americana I highly recommend this tour. Dale will take you to places you won’t find on maps, places long forgotten and you’ll meet the characters of Route 66 who open their doors and come out specifically to greet him and those on his tour. Dale has constructed this tour extremely well taking you on a historical, cultural and geographically stunning journey across the USA. We started with a guided tour of Chicago, drove to many Route 66 sights, museums, auto-shops & galleries. We visited a Native American village on a mountain top, stayed overnight at the Grand Canyon, drove through the Mojave Desert, visited Hoover Dam and finished with a sightseeing tour under the bright lights of Las Vegas. If you do the research you can also tailor the tour to your liking. Myself, after each day’s driving I ventured out into the cities to view the landmarks, went to the clubs and watched so many live bands that may never make it to Australia. I can assure that you’ll take with you many fond memories of your times with those you meet on the tour and gain a full understanding, appreciation and respect for the early travellers that embarked on a quest along the Mother Road to seek a better life.

Stephen Mikulic, guitarist of Lycanthia. (Summer Tour 2010)

Everything was organized with a single email to say count me in

Hi Dale, Just a short note to say thank you for a great trip along Route 66. For me it was a great value for money trip. I was very happy with the whole deal, from my first enquiry it has been a positive experience. You have answered all my emails very promptly and with the info I requested. You’d be surprised how many times I send emails and get answers to only half the questions asked. It was too easy to book the tour and make payments. Everything was organized with a single email to say count me in. For me I think this was the ideal way to be a part of a tour group. You had the advantages of group bookings and the experience of a guide, and you had the flexibility to stay a little longer or move on if you wish with the independence of your own car. I will have no hesitation in recommending you or your Route 66 Tour to anyone. For me the trip was made by the people you introduced us to, and the places you took us that you would not see if one was doing the trip on their own. I do hope to do another trip with you in the future, I will start saving the pennies!! Again thanks for a great 3 weeks.

Cheers Gary Thirlwell (Summer Tour 2010)

It was everything we expected and more (and we had high expectations)!

After a 3 year wait, we finally got to go on the Route 66 Tour! It was everything we expected and more (and we had high expectations)!J We were off the beaten track and seeing some of the ‘real’ America outside the cities and tourist traps. The trip was made that much better because Dale knows the road and its history so well (he may as well be a local!). Also getting to meet some of his friends (who are Route 66 legends in their own right) and getting to hear their stories was something that wouldn’t be possible without Dale. Our Accommodation ranged from old classics to the latest and greatest, all very comfortable. It is definitely safe to say that Dale didn’t let us down once. We strongly recommend this tour to EVERYONE!! Sell the car, sell the house, even sell the dog if you have to, but get the cash, and get your Kicks on a Route 66 Tour with Dale!! Not only did we have a Fantastic holiday that we will remember forever, we made some fantastic friends as well. PS: if you have some money left over after paying for your R66 trip, and a few extra days, we highly recommend doing the drive from Santa Monica to San Francisco along US Pacific Hwy 1! Dale organised this for us also, and it was planned just as well as the R66 Tour. A great way to top off a Fabulous Holiday!! Thanks again Dale and Route 66 Tours for a holiday that we will never forget. We look forward to planning all our future holidays with you.

Nigel Rieck and Nikki Bayliss (Spring Tour 2010 )

After travelling Route 66 on a Harley, I have to say, it was a great trip.

After travelling Route 66 on a Harley, I have to say, it was a great trip. Accommodation was top notch and I came away with many new found friends, including Dale, who knows everything there is to know about Route 66. Do yourself a favour and do the trip.

Ted Marsh, Nerang Ulysses Member, (Spring Tour 2010 )

The trip was excellent and we saw more of the” Mother Road” than what we expected

My cousin and I travelled Route 66 with Dale in April 2010, the reason for the trip was that we are both in our 66th year.The trip was excellent and we saw more of the” Mother Road” than what we expected. The accommodation was a mix of modern and classic early American style motels and hotels. Dale is a very knowledgeable bloke and what he doesn’t know about Route 66 is not worth knowing. We met some interesting people along the way and had a great time.

Maggie Thomson & Carol Montgomery (Spring Tour 2010 )

Thanks again Dale for the fantastic Route 66 road trip

On top of the GREAT 66 trip with Route 66 Tours, we had a top drive from Vegas, via Santa Monica, through to SFO in the Mustang Convertible. Accommodation was first class. Thanks again Dale for the fantastic Route 66 road trip, your thorough knowledge of the route and it’s history, plus meeting your friends who live and breathe 66 made it the best. Regards,

Kathy & Rod Madden (Spring 2010 Group Tour)

it was certainly a great trip!

Dek and I had a really lovely time on our trip across the US on Route 66. The people we met were lovely and the places we stayed was a nice mixture of new places vs classics. We took lots of pictures at the Blue Swallow and Bill was an interesting character to meet! Thank you so much for organising the itinerary for us, it was certainly a great trip! Cheers

Janet – Sydney, NSW– March 2010 Custom Tour

Dale took us to parts of Route 66 that we never would have discovered

A group of us who were at university college together headed off on a trip down route 66 in March 2009 to celebrate one of the guys 50th birthday. I’m not exactly sure why we chose Route 66, but Dale organized and ran a terrific tour. Quite frankly, it was better than we expected. Dale took us to parts of Route 66 that we never would have discovered, arranged authentic Route 66 restaurants and accommodation, plus he pointed us to the right bars for a beer in the evenings. But what really made a difference was Dale’s passion for Route 66. This passion and his knowledge of its history really brought it alive for us. Great trip.

Paul Clitheroe, Sydney Australia – Feb 2009 Customised Group Tour

My wife & I had a wonderful time

My wife & I had a wonderful time on this well organized tour of route 66 with like minded people & have formed some life long friends.

Cheers, David & Yvonne Robbins (Summer Tour 2008 )

I’m a Route 66 convert!

I’m a Route 66 convert! Never in a million years did I think a tour like this was for me until a mate dragged me along. Our guide brought this bit of American History to life and transformed a roadtrip across America into an experience to be embraced and now re-lived over a beer or two with mates.

Mark Murray (Summer Tour 2008 )

We were extremely impressed with the attention you attributed to every little detail

Dear Dale, Just a short note to thank you for the fantastic time Jeanette & I had on our Route 66 Tour organised by your company in August just gone. We were extremely impressed with the attention you attributed to every little detail to make our trip such a memorable experience.

Ron (Tiny) & Jeanette Harrison (Summer Tour 2008 )

a must do tour!

You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity, a must do tour! I can’t think of a better way to experience the US, more so if its your first time! Get a crew together and get on it!

Dominic Leo (Summer Tour 2008 )

We have no reservations in recommending you to anyone who enquires about our trip to the states

We had a great time and it was very well organised, we had no dramas with any of our accommodation and you customised our trip to suit us very well. We have no reservations in recommending you to anyone who enquires about our trip to the states. You did a sensational job and we plan to go back next year and will look to you for guidance once again. The itinerary you organised and your recommendations of what to see were all great and worthy of the stops. Once again thank you for all your efforts in organising our trip for us and we are very excited about getting back there.

Ian & Raylene Trewartha – March 2009 Customised Tour

Dale and his tour, professional & friendly made all the difference

For 1st timers to the USA, we knew the route 66 was going to be quite a journey. The mother road was a road trip through the heart of America. We saw it all. It was the history, the people we met on the way and the people we travelled with that made is so much fun. Dale and his tour, professional & friendly made all the difference. A road trip physically, and a journey spiritually. What a Blast.. Giddyup!!!

Mark Callaghan (Marko) – (Fall Tour 2009 )

A wonderful experience with a great group of fellow road trippers, ably led by; “Dale Butel”

DRIVING ‘ROUTE 66’ with DALE BUTEL!!!! A wonderful experience with a great group of fellow road trippers, ably led by; “Dale Butel” who has a very vast and in depth knowledge, not only of “Route 66” but of all the towns, cities, and historical sites along the way. This knowledge coupled with his cheerful outgoing personality quickly relieved any apprehension that we may have had about driving the eight states and cities across America. Driving “Route 66” was something that we had looked forward to doing for a number of years, this has now been achieved in a way that we can sincerely recommend to anyone. “Thanks Dale”; Murray and June Baird, Cable Bay, Northland N.Z. – (Fall Tour 2009 )

My wife and I had previously done many of the tourist things in the USA. We had also found the best part of the USA is getting out of the cities and experiencing the ever changing landscapes and the hospitality of the locals towards us Aussies. After much planning and researching we decided to do Route 66 as this would allow us a broad experience of the countryside, its history and the “real” locals.

While searching internets sites we came across Dale’s travel site. After reading his Route 66 Itineraries and feedback we decided to contact him regards what we wanted from a Route 66 experience. From first contact we were won over with Dale’s passion and knowledge of the Mother Road. It was clear to us that here was the right person to arrange and lead our Route 66 adventure. Dale worked hard prior and during the trip to tailor the options to allow us maximum daily activity choices.

This trip was even better than we expected and Dale’s knowledge took us to places and parts of Route 66 that I believe we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Every day was a different adventure that was very well organized however gave us the option of a flexible itinerary. This road trip, the places we discovered and the people we met have left us with unforgettable memories and a desire to do it all again. Thanks Dale.

Jeff & Jackie Allen (Fall Tour 2009 )

if you want to work on your tan this is definitely the way to g

The Route 66 was just amazing and I don’t believe it could have been experienced by travelling solo. The convoy we had enhanced the trip through friendships made, the locals we stumbled across and the debriefs over a drink on our days adventure each night. Everyday brought a new town/city to explore which made each day exciting and unknown. The Mustangs were brilliant and if you want to work on your tan this is definitely the way to go. Our tour guide was great, friendly, helpful and always keen to hit the night life with us. American people are extremely friendly and hospitable and we loved the diverse cultures and interesting people we met. I would do it all again tomorrow. Thanks Dale us mad Kiwi’s had a ball.

Corinne Clark (Sparkie) (Fall Tour 2009 )