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Route 66 USA Motorcycle Tours

The open highway, the wind in your hair, the roar of an engine — three elements that are synonymous with exploring Route 66 via motorcycle. If your dream is to ride a classic Harley Davidson or any type of motorcycle down Route 66, then we're the people to talk to.

At Route 66 Tours, we want to give you an authentic experience travelling through this part of the world and there are few better ways to achieve this than on the back of a motorcycle. You'll be able to meet fellow bikers out on the open road, compare stories and get a feel of an authentic Route 66 motorcycle tour.

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, you understand the sense of pure exhilaration it can offer. What if you took that experience and placed it on one of the planet’s premier road trip destinations? 

At Route 66 Tours we do everything possible to cater to our riders, including offering a support van and trailer for all of your luggage and keeping a spare Harley Davidson motorcycle and extra fuel available in case of an emergency. Bikers even get entry to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with each tour.

Everything you need to know

Keen to get up close and personal with Route 66 on a motorcycle tour? Here are the key details that you need to know before embarking on the ride of a lifetime.

What motorcycle brand can I choose?

Although we mentioned the legendary Harley Davidson above, you're able to choose from many different brands with Route 66 Tours. This includes Indian Motorcycles, Honda, BMW and Triumph. If you're looking to tour with the latter three, please get in touch with us directly to ensure the bike can be sourced for your Route 66 adventure.

(*subject to change)

Regardless of which motorcycle takes your fancy, you'll be happy to know that all have been rented from reputable companies. As a result, each bike comes with its standard factory inclusions per model — panniers, backrest, luggage racks, saddlebags, windscreen, cruise control, etc.

For your safety, as well as that of our team and other motorists, no motorcycle is modified, and all bikes meet U.S. road safety standards. At Route 66 Tours, we take safety out on the highways and byways very seriously — and that's a guarantee.

What do I need to bring?

You'll need certain safety equipment while you're on tour. We can supply an open-face helmet specific to your chosen model, otherwise, you're welcome to bring your own from Australia. Just remember to wrap it up safely at the airport!

Clothing for motorcycle touring, on the other hand, is not included. As such, you'll need to pack a comprehensive list of clothing for the trip — remember, it can get pretty cold on those highways.

What type of driver's license do I need?

U.S. law is very strict in relation to driver's license for motorcycles. Luckily, if you're over 21 years of age and hold a valid, open Australian licence (not Learner's or Provisional), then you'll be able to ride on tour.

What special tours are available on motorcycle?

Motorcycles remain an important part of our business. As such, we have a number of special tours that are designed especially for motorcycle enthusiasts like ourselves. This includes Sturgis Bike Week and the upcoming Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Tour in 2023.

Additionally, we can help create tailored tours where you can discover more particular interests along Route 66. We can also plan your pre- and post-Route 66 adventure travel itineraries after you've hopped off the bike!

The Route 66 Tour experience

From the busy streets of Chicago to its terminus at the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles, California, the legendary Route 66 experience is one you need to see and experience to believe. Across close to 3,948 kilometres and eight different states, you’ll discover the full range of what America has to offer — including sightseeing options, people, culture, food and architecture.


Whether riding across the expansive plains of the Midwest or through the rocky landscapes of the Southwest, every day on the Mother Road brings a new adventure. From monuments of perseverance like Gateway Arch of St. Louis to unexpected oddities, whether a retro gas station or the famous “leaning tower of Texas,” you can truly expect the unexpected.

Once thought of as the “Main Street of America,” Route 66 now serves as something of a time capsule — a look back through decades of American history. Since it was officially decommissioned in 1985 — with much of its traffic diverted to interstate highways — the small towns and unique roadside attractions that dot the famous route have managed to maintain their charm in a continually changing world.


Any Route 66 road trip can be tailored to provide you with the ideal experience. Our trips are meticulously planned, and no two adventure tours are ever the same. If there’s something you’re interested in seeing as a part of your tour — whether the majestic Grand Canyon or one of the Mother Road’s unique roadside attractions, just ask any experienced Aussie tour leader! In general, most tours last 20 days. Accommodations include:

  • An experienced Route 66 Travel Guide at your service

  • All accommodation with breakfast (No breakfast in Las Vegas)

  • Car/Bike Hire* inclusive of all taxes & it is insured

  • Each Bike gets a special Route 66 Guide Book and a USA Road Atlas (Yours to Keep)

  • Customized Chicago City Tour with lunch, followed by a Welcome Dinner & Show

  • An Exclusive Hot Rod Workshop Tour & visit to an amazing car museum

  • 90-minute walking tour of Acoma Sky City Indian Village

  • Entry to the world famous Meteor Crater

  • Car/Bike Parking at our hotels

  • Entry and Tour with lunch at the famous Grand Canyon Caverns

  • 2.5-hour Stretch Limo City Tour as a farewell in Las Vegas

  • Bike Riders includes Support Van & Trailer for luggage and spare Harley & fuel (and Esky)

  • Bike Riders includes visit & entry to Harley Davidson Museum Milwaukee

  • Travel on the "Original Mother Road" and not the Interstate with side exits to Route 66


If you would like more information about a guided motorcycle tour along Route 66, get in touch with our helpful team today — we'll be more than happy to discuss your options.

Prefer to drive or be driven?

Not a biker? Route 66 Tours offers many different ways to traverse America. Options include:

Luxury or muscle, you choose

Whether you prefer the comfort and space of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or the excitement of a V8 Muscle car such as a GT Mustang or Corvette, Route 66 Tours will make it happen.

Or maybe you’d prefer for us to drive

Feel like sitting back and taking it all in? Join us in a luxury SUV or Van as our qualified guides drive you across the historic Route 66, you won't miss a thing!





Whether you prefer the comfort and space of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or the excitement of a V8 Muscle car such as a GT Mustang or Corvette, Route 66 Tours will make it happen. Contact Us - Click Here



Feel like sitting back and taking it all in? Joins us in a luxury SUV or Van as our qualified guides drive you across the historic Route 66, you wont miss a thing! Contact Us - Click Here